Git vs SVN:svn和git


Command Operation Subversion
git clone Copy a repository svn checkout
git commit Record changes to file history svn commit
git show View commit details svn cat
git status Confirm status svn status
git diff Check differences svn diff
git log Check log svn log
git add Addition svn add
git mv Move svn mv
git rm Delete svn rm
git checkout Cancel change svn revert1
git reset Cancel change svn revert1
git branch Make a branch svn copy2
git checkout Switch branch svn switch
git merge Merge svn merge
git tag Create a tag svn copy2
git pull Update svn update
git fetch Update svn update
git push It is reflected on the remote svn commit3
gitignore Ignore file list .svnignore
  1. Revert in SVN is the cancel of change, but Revert in Git is the commit for negation. The meanings of Revert are different.
  2. Branch and tag are the same in the structure in SVN, but they are clearly different in Git
  3. SVN does not have the concept of local repository/remote repository, accordingly commit is directly reflected in the remote. However, Git has different reflecting methods for reflecting to the local repository and for reflecting to the remote repository. 1.在SVN中还原是更改的取消,但是在Git中还原是否定的提交。 还原的含义不同。 2.分支和标签在SVN中的结构相同,但是在Git中它们明显不同
  4. SVN没有本地存储库/远程存储库的概念,因此提交直接反映在远程中。 但是,Git具有不同的反射方法来反射到本地存储库和反射到远程存储库。
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