gdb调试: https://golang.org/doc/gdb

Note that Delve is a better alternative to GDB when debugging Go programs built with the standard toolchain. It understands the Go runtime, data structures, and expressions better than GDB. Delve currently supports Linux, OSX, and Windows on amd64. For the most up-to-date list of supported platforms, please see the Delve documentation.

delve地址: https://github.com/go-delve/delve


参考: https://github.com/go-delve/delve/tree/master/Documentation/cli

Running the program:
    call ------------------------ Resumes process, injecting a function call (EXPERIMENTAL!!!)
    continue (alias: c) --------- Run until breakpoint or program termination.
    next (alias: n) ------------- Step over to next source line.
    rebuild --------------------- Rebuild the target executable and restarts it. It does not work if the executable was not built by delve.
    restart (alias: r) ---------- Restart process.
    step (alias: s) ------------- Single step through program.
    step-instruction (alias: si)  Single step a single cpu instruction.
    stepout (alias: so) --------- Step out of the current function.

Manipulating breakpoints:
    break (alias: b) ------- Sets a breakpoint.
    breakpoints (alias: bp)  Print out info for active breakpoints.
    clear ------------------ Deletes breakpoint.
    clearall --------------- Deletes multiple breakpoints.
    condition (alias: cond)  Set breakpoint condition.
    on --------------------- Executes a command when a breakpoint is hit.
    toggle ----------------- Toggles on or off a breakpoint.
    trace (alias: t) ------- Set tracepoint.
    watch ------------------ Set watchpoint.

Viewing program variables and memory:
    args ----------------- Print function arguments.
    display -------------- Print value of an expression every time the program stops.
    examinemem (alias: x)  Examine raw memory at the given address.
    locals --------------- Print local variables.
    print (alias: p) ----- Evaluate an expression.
    regs ----------------- Print contents of CPU registers.
    set ------------------ Changes the value of a variable.
    vars ----------------- Print package variables.
    whatis --------------- Prints type of an expression.

Listing and switching between threads and goroutines:
    goroutine (alias: gr) -- Shows or changes current goroutine
    goroutines (alias: grs)  List program goroutines.
    thread (alias: tr) ----- Switch to the specified thread.
    threads ---------------- Print out info for every traced thread.

Viewing the call stack and selecting frames:
    deferred --------- Executes command in the context of a deferred call.
    down ------------- Move the current frame down.
    frame ------------ Set the current frame, or execute command on a different frame.
    stack (alias: bt)  Print stack trace.
    up --------------- Move the current frame up.

Other commands:
    config --------------------- Changes configuration parameters.
    disassemble (alias: disass)  Disassembler.
    dump ----------------------- Creates a core dump from the current process state
    edit (alias: ed) ----------- Open where you are in $DELVE_EDITOR or $EDITOR
    exit (alias: quit | q) ----- Exit the debugger.
    funcs ---------------------- Print list of functions.
    help (alias: h) ------------ Prints the help message.
    libraries ------------------ List loaded dynamic libraries
    list (alias: ls | l) ------- Show source code.
    source --------------------- Executes a file containing a list of delve commands
    sources -------------------- Print list of source files.
    types ---------------------- Print list of types


调试go get:

dlv debug $(go env GOROOT)/src/cmd/go -- get github.com/Flyingon/go-common


funcs repoRootForImportDynamic


b cmd/go/internal/vcs.repoRootForImportDynamic  // 函数入口打
b internal/web/http.go:108  // 文件行数打
b internal/auth/auth.go:16   // 文件行数打
b internal/auth/netrc.go:95    // 文件行数打

go mod中get时的https请求参数打印: goget-debug

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